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Mystery School

A spiritual journey for women.

Come Find Yourself

Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What is my purpose?


These are questions we have all likely contemplated throughout our lives. We often search for something beyond our physical presence on this material plane that could nourish and enhance the deepest parts of ourselves. 


The Mythical Healings Mystery School was established to assist humans to find answers to their most pressing questions and create a life of balance and expanded awareness.


In ancient times, sacredness was woven into daily life. Humanity used to live, think and act with a common understanding that was in alignment with the greater good of all. Our ancestors understood their oneness with the universe and the laws of nature as part of daily existence. They were taught to live in harmony as one. But as we evolved into modern existence, this understanding was lost.


Massive change happens when we are consistent in spiritual practices.


If you are ready for profound personal growth, consider a journey of discovery that encompasses something more profound than our physical existence. Do the steady, committed work it takes to deconstruct the false myths we've created about ourselves and to create a life of wisdom and resilience.

We meet once a month for a mini-retreat that offers a deep dive into re-charging your body-temple, practices to awaken to Spirit and methods to cultivate more power so we can operate from the highest perspective possible. Our next meeting is in Sept, stayed tuned for the date.

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Mythical Healings Mystery School

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What Is A Mystery School?

Since the Middle Ages, Mystery Schools from various cultures have provided teachings known as ‘Hidden Knowledge’ that provided the keys to living an enlightened and empowered life.

This wisdom was kept secret because it was a threat to the forces that sought to control humanity and they tried to eliminate these sacred teachings. Mystery schools were forced to go underground to protect and preserve this wisdom. 

Mythical Healings is considered an “open” mystery school, allowing those who aspire to higher knowledge to do so while living in and among the world. We provide a rich, diverse source of knowledge and practices for those who are seeking transformation on many levels. 

Mystery School Journal

What Is The Mystery?

The word “mystery” may connote a hidden secret that needs to be uncovered. 

The mysteries of life lie hidden within and when you shine a light inward, you can slowly uncover who you really are - your innate gifts, your shadows, your life’s purpose, and the blueprint of your soul. By welcoming and holding more light, you are more able to form an unbroken connection to the divine. Therein lies the mystery.

The mystery of the self - I AM

Access Sacred Wisdom

This is a private, members-only group for women who want to take excellent care of their bodies and minds, build inner strength and resiliency, enhance their innate gifts, foster a connection to something greater and self-heal from the root level. Moreover, it is for women who are ready to break free of the myths they have created about themselves that block them from their highest potential.


The intention is for this group to be organic and member-driven. We will be mindful of what is happening in the present time in nature, planetary, and societally. As we move through time together, we will participate in the cycles of nature through seasonal celebrations and earth-honoring traditions and also understand and work with the current cosmic transits that may influence us.


Join a supportive and collaborative group like-minded who prioritize self-care and illumination. Gain valuable tools to support your highest good and assist in the accession of human consciousness. 

Mystery School Prayer

Core Values & Beliefs

Women innately have the core knowledge they need and all answers reside within themselves.


We are constructed by a physical body, soul, and spirit, and all three should be taken care of with wisdom, nurturing, and healing using time-tested metaphysical tools.


Our tools are aimed to help each woman take control of her mind to create a better life and to manifest her desires.


We believe in the capacity of the goodness of all humans and with the correct influences and inner-self work we can reach our highest human potential.


We believe in taking full responsibility for one's thoughts, actions, and words in all situations.


 We believe people should have the freedom to express themselves in a healthy way.


We believe in the power of humans to create a better world through the power of the people themselves, led by the love of freedom, acceptance of themselves and others and peace. 


About Your Guide

Lisa Moore is a recognized yoga therapist, yoga teacher trainer, Ayurveda wellness practitioner, energy healer, and shamanic practitioner who has been involved in the metaphysical world for 20 years. She has been blessed to have tutelage from some renowned teachers and mentors and has synergistically crafted her own blend of holistic therapies.


"I have had the honor of working with hundreds of individuals with a wide array of physical and mental health challenges. There's been one common underlying issue that appears to be at the root of the dis-ease my clients were experiencing - and that is an imbalance in the mind from chronic negative mental states.


I am speaking of things like the false stories, or myths, that we continually tell ourselves, unprocessed traumas and emotions, and operating from behavioral patterns that may have protected us at one time, but no longer serve us.


In yoga, it is believed that the mind controls that body, and I have seen that to be true in almost every case of illness. When thought patterns were corrected and unprocessed emotions released, the body was more able to return to homeostasis, and immunity and wellbeing were enhanced.


The health of your body is constantly changing due to diet, emotions, stress, the weather, life challenges, and dis-ease. In order to do spiritual work, the body and its systems need to be balanced and high-functioning. Strengthen your container to create optimum health and to build prana. Learn to control the nervous system and operate from the realm of "rest and digest" to create the right conditions for self-healing.

We will use nature as an ally to promote optimum physical and emotional health. These classes will reduce tension and help balance the elements that compose your constitution and will draw from yoga, ayurveda, nutrition, herbal medicine, and energy healing. Learn to open the channels of the body, improve digestion, metabolism, energy, sleep, and immunity, and live comfortably in your body.


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