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Meet Lisa Moore

Yoga and Ayurveda have completely changed my life and taught me that self-healing is perpetually possible. I’d love to show you how that is possible for you, too.

As a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT) and yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), I am trained in Subtle® Yoga - a therapeutic system that uses accessible and adaptable postures, releases emotional patterns stored in the body, enhances neurology, and fosters resilience and spirituality.

I help people enhance their mind-body connection, learn to self-regulate their nervous systems and emotions, reduce pain patterns and improve flexibility and mobility.

I enjoy helping individuals experiencing pain, surgery/injury recovery, cancer, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, mental health imbalances, and other health issues.

As an Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner (AWP) I provide educational health coaching to help people live in harmony with their unique elemental constitution. Working together to meet determined goals, an individualized treatment plan may include recommendations for diet, recipes, herbs, and beneficial lifestyle habits.

Customized Living

I will meet you wherever you are in life with modalities to suit your needs. Group classes offer physical and mental refreshment. Private yoga therapy can focus on specific issues that cannot be addressed in a group setting with a detailed plan and homework to regain balance.

To calm that incessant monkey mind, get a personalized meditation practice that is doable for your busy life. Reap the many benefits that dedicated mindfulness can bring.

Ready to tackle your diet and lifestyle issues? Let the science of Ayurveda show you how to enhance digestion to improve every area of your life from better sleep to boundless energy.

Private energy healing sessions may draw from what the client needs most at that moment: shamanism, bioenergetic exercise, chakra therapy, crystal bodywork, reiki, dream interpretation or ritual, and celebrational practices. No two sessions with my clients are ever the same. The focus is always to gain self-empowerment and well-being.

Spirirtual Healer

My Training

E-RYT 500 - Subtle Yoga with Kristine Weber

Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner via Narayana Ayurveda and Yoga Academy.


Pulse Assessment and Marma Point Therapy Certification under Dr. Vasant Lad.

Core Shamanism certification and additional coursework via The Michael Harner Foundation.

Death Doula certification from

The Kinesa Process Practitioner from Lavinia Plonka

High Priestess Designation with Steve Nelson (Steven Red Wolf), whose ancestry is of the wolf clan, one of the 7 tribal groups of the Cherokee.

Mind-Body Somatic Therapy and Bioenergetics from Anodea Judith of Sacred Centers.

Energy Healing certifications in Quantum-Touch modality and also Reiki Master from The Spirit of Gaia Healing Arts.

Certified Aromatherapist through Floracopeia under the tutelage of renowned botanists David Crow and Jade Shutes. 

Crystal Healer and Crystal Bodyworker with Kate Mantello of the internationally accredited Evolve Healing Institute.

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