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Yoga Teacher Training

Vibrant Health & Personal Growth

Mythical Healings offers innovative 200 and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs that honor the integration of Ayurveda and yoga therapy as a classical, authentic system. Used together, these sciences create a holistic foundation to self-heal and to also effectively and safely work with people with various conditions.

With acknowledgment of how the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected to nature and cosmic intelligence, students explore their subconscious energy body to understand how deep-rooted patterns have drawn them away from their core essence. Powerful, integrative practices help to re-establish the connection to this matrix of healing energy to return back to a state of balance and purity.

Namaste Yoga Pose

Pranic Awakening 200 Hour
Teacher Training Starts Sep 7

Prana, or life force, is the essence that provides abundant energy and allows you to fully experience life. When your pathways for prana are open and clear, energy flows, you are at ease in life and can embrace and enjoy the path you were meant to walk.

Pranic Awakening 200 Hour Teacher Training offers ancient, powerful tools to harness divine power to move life force to every cell in the physical structure, through the energy channels and chakras, and beyond. Learn to pacify the nervous system, conquer the mind, and heal the body.


A Personal Development Course and Yoga Certification


This popular and innovative course is not just for those who want to teach the art of yoga, but for anyone who seeks advanced personal growth using ancient wisdom and energy healing.


Yoga is so much more than showing up at a weekly class. It can take you on an interior journey to access your heart and soul and to improve health and mental wellbeing, to enhance relationships, to heal at the root level and to expand consciousness.


The ancient teachings presented in Pranic Awakening are designed to enliven your great universal life force. This innovative nine-month course supportively guides you on an expansive journey into the mystical and potent powers of Yoga and Ayurveda. 


Viewing yoga not as a workout but a work-in, this illuminating training provides simple, powerful tools to harness one’s divine power to move life force to every cell in the physical structure, through the energy channels and chakras, and beyond. Furthermore, it helps understand and eradicate the negative belief patterns that hold you back.


Learn to see yourself, others, relationships and life challenges from an elevated perspective and live life with deep clarity and compassion.

Watch the video below to learn how the course works

Inspiring Testimonials


"Lisa provides a compassionate, safe learning environment and an incredible depth of knowledge covering all topics related to yoga and personal development. In this class I learned the fundamentals necessary to teach yoga and how to apply them to all levels of students. However, the greatest gift from this class, and Lisa herself, was the gift of learning about myself and how to work through the beliefs that were holding me back. I left this class feeling empowered to be the best version of myself and to share that through yoga and in all aspects of my life." Tamara Sullivan


"I had NO idea the extent of the information that we would be covering during yoga teacher training. Lisa Moore provided us with the knowledge and confidence to be able to lead others through classes and well onto their journey. Not sure I would be the yogi I am today without having Lisa in my life. I am eternally grateful for her guidance and for her continued mentoring." Tiffany Sneed


"Lisa’s knowledge, guidance and patience creates an environment to safely explore your own heart and mind. The journey with others is safe, and as challenging as you choose it to be. The transformation I experienced was nothing short of life changing. I gained the tools and knowledge to apply “yoga” to everyday life. It provided a solid foundation of knowledge and fostered a thirst to learn more." Cathy Kast


"I had no idea that the training would take me on a journey so deep within to allow me to emerge as a more grounded, self aware, connected, knowledgeable and compassionate vessel. I found the beginnings of inner peace I never knew I needed and continue on the journey everyday. Lisa's teachings have made me thirsty to learn more and excited to go out into the world and teach yoga." Andrea Zerillo


"I highly recommend Harmony Yoga to anyone who wishes to become a yoga teacher, or is on a journey of soul-searching, healing, strengthening, and nourishing themselves. You might be surprised what you might pick up along the way...aside from knowledge, you can only hope that a little bit of Lisa's wisdom might rub off on you. The warmth and compassion she extends, while maintaining professionalism, are just a few things you can't learn from the books." Marie Andresen

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