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Yoga Teacher Training

Vibrant Health & Personal Growth

Mythical Healings offers innovative 200 and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs that honor the integration of Ayurveda and yoga therapy as a classical, authentic system. Used together, these sciences create a holistic foundation to self-heal and to also effectively and safely work with people with various conditions.

With acknowledgment of how the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected to nature and cosmic intelligence, students explore their subconscious energy body to understand how deep-rooted patterns have drawn them away from their core essence. Powerful, integrative practices help to re-establish the connection to this matrix of healing energy to return back to a state of balance and purity.

Namaste Yoga Pose

Prana, or life force, is the essence that provides abundant energy and allows you to fully experience life. When your pathways for prana are open and clear, energy flows, you are at ease in life and can embrace and enjoy the path you were meant to walk.

Pranic Awakening 200 Hour and Pranic Intelligence 300 Hour offer ancient, powerful tools to harness divine power to move life force to every cell in the physical structure, through the energy channels and chakras, and beyond. Learn to pacify the nervous system, conquer the mind, and heal the body.

Pranic Awakening 200-Hour Training 
Starts May 6

Pranic Intelligence 300-Hour Training 


Starts Oct 7

Meditation Group

Curriculum Based On

Resiliency - Safety - Self-Mastery

Comprehension of how you came into a physical existence lets you explore the relationship of the macrocosm and microcosm. By understanding that the contents of your consciousness—perceptions, thoughts, emotions, memories, fantasies, dreams—have a kind of material existence, you can then use meditation to shift your identity orientation away from the contents of your mind and back to the Witness.


The control of the breath forms the core of spiritual awakening. Explore a variety of techniques and how to apply them according to constitutional needs to improve the function of the central nervous system, balance the energy body, and enhance resiliency - the ability to adapt to stress and bounce back.


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