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Your body tells a story.

Your heart speaks the truth.

Release unresolved personal myths causing body-mind restrictions. Create better health and deepen consciousness.

Natural Health Solutions

No matter where you are physically, mentally, or emotionally in life, yoga, ayurveda, and the art of energy healing will meet you with wisdom and compassion. Take a journey of personal growth that unfolds the higher consciousness that lies deep in your heart.

Acquire tools for introspection, relaxation, and healing so each moment can be lived with profound awareness and gratitude. Remember you are essential spiritual nature and allow life to become joyous, meaningful, and carefree.


Meet Lisa Moore

Through my 20 year journey into the healing arts, I’ve worked with hundreds of people and am skilled at recognizing the behavioral patterns, belief systems, and unresolved stories that may hinder healing. The myths that we impose upon ourselves can be our biggest obstacles to a life of vitality.

There is a tendency to think healing has to be arduous and takes a long time. But after witnessing many incredible and even spontaneous shifts, I know this paradigm does not have to be true. Sometimes healing is just a shift in perception, other times it’s an energetic release of a long-held thought pattern stored in the body.


I offer an array of modalities to strengthen your body temple, shift your energy, and redirect your mind that will empower you to self-heal at the root level.


I would highly recommend going to Lisa with an open mind and heart. You will be amazed!


In just a few sessions with Lisa, bioenergetics has helped me process trauma that I have worked on for years in traditional therapy.


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