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Yoga Teacher

Learn safe, functional yoga postures that are activated with prescriptive breathing practices to move life force, or prana, throughout the systems of the body. This somatic movement meets people where there are physically and mentally and will help you: 


Learn to listen to your body

Strengthen your prana (life force)

Make healthy choices based on signals from your body

Develop centering and grounding techniques 

Re-establish a connection with yourself and others.

Change the perception of your body 

Enjoy being in your body more

Have greater self-respect and a deep sense of gratitude for what your body is capable of

Learn skills that quiet the inner critic, so you can develop a new relationship with your body

Befriend Your Body

Making friends with our bodies is not easy. We often worry about the size we wish it was, how it's aging, how well it does or doesn't perform, or how we should change it. We may get caught in an unrelenting cycle of harsh self-judgment, painful emotions, and harmful behaviors. When we see the body as an adversary, these dysfunctional patterns can lead to a mind-body split and create a host of physical, psychological, and spiritual issues. 

The science of yoga offers a time-tested, holistic system to befriend the body and support its purpose in this lifetime. Beyond the obvious benefits of increased strength, stamina, and range of movement, improved muscle tone, and better immunity, yoga is a powerful catalyst to bring compassion toward the body and maintain a strong mind-body connection, which is critical to optimum health.

Coupled with the knowledge of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga that governs dietary and lifestyle habits, this course will help you understand your dosha or elemental mind-body type. Learn to honor your body with a diet suited to your specific needs, foster nourishing self-care practices, and get the powerful skills to sync with the rhythms of nature. Acquire the ability to understand how energy flows in your body and how to balance it with advanced self-healing techniques. 

Join a tribe of supportive and like-minded individuals with a similar mission ready to view the body not just as something to be healed or restored but as a source of great wisdom and knowledge. 

Lose Your Mind, Gain Your Sanity

The mind is defined as the sum of the cognitive abilities that enable consciousness, perception, memory, thinking, imagination and judgment. Yogic scriptures describe the mind as an inner instrument. It stockpiles our memories, manifests our hopes and desires, and manages our daily activities.

To gather experience, the mind must be connected to a body. It is through the channels of the senses and the sense organs (the eyes, ears, hands, feet, etc.) that the mind receives impressions from outside, and acts on the outer world. Mind and body are thus a subtly integrated team.


When one is dominated by the incessant ruminations of the mind many issues may occur anxiety, depression, anger, dysfunctional breathing patterns, insomnia, poor digestion and immunity, emotional/behavioral disorders, relationship challenges, poor job performance, exhaustion, decreased functioning of systems of the body, disease and a weakening of prana, or life force. 


When the mind is steady and clear, it is a positive ally to help manifest desires, balance emotions, deepen relationships and enhance spirituality. But the nature of the mind is to do more, achieve more, and gain more! Unless there is a steady, effective practice to pacify the mind, it will dominate our lives and our wheels will continue to spin. 


In the west, asana practice is the focal point of yoga - how much we can do, what we can achieve, how we look in our poses, what we wear, how much we sweat. But in the ancient systems of yoga and Ayurveda, meditation is the pinnacle practice. What we need is less movement in our minds and bodies and more stillness. Meditation is the mechanism to create space in a cramped mind and a tight body.


These courses are designed to help you conquer your mind, so you can live the most evolved life possible. So you can do less yet be more. Learn breath-centric asana sequences designed to release tension, open the body, and prepare you to be still. Use pranayama techniques to pacify the nervous system and open your energy channels.


Practice techniques that help you sharpen and focus your mind into a state of one-pointedness. And then experience powerful, meditative practices that will transform the way you exist. Awaken "The Silent Witness" so life is smooth, health is strong, emotions are balanced and challenges become opportunities.


Learn to cultivate your personalized sadhana, or daily spiritual practice, which is the foundation of all spiritual endeavors. Sadhana is your personal, individual spiritual effort and the main tool you use to work on yourself to achieve the purpose of life.


Develop a regular sadhana and take control of your life. Pranic Intelligence 300 Hour Yoga Training will supportively lead you through the enlightening journey to be able to attain that. 


Yoga is an ancient science whose very bedrock is to help us understand and release these "residues of imprints” (that yogis call samskaras) that are left behind in neurophysiology. Recent scientific studies show that regular participation in trauma-informed gentle yoga leads to a significant reduction in symptoms of traumatic stress.


With the proper application of therapeutic yoga, breath control practices, and meditation, people can feel safe in their bodies and minds because they can self-regulate their nervous system and mitigate the fight-or-flight response.

Transcend Trauma

We've all experienced some form of trauma: having an illness, losing your best friend to cancer, being a victim of violence, enduring an accident or surgery, witnessing a violent crime, being in a war zone, being a caregiver to someone with a chronic illness, divorce, death of a loved one or pet, losing a job.

How one deals with the aftermath of such events determines the level of trauma that gets lodged at a cellular level. Unresolved trauma has side effects such as an inability to control emotions, being unable to trust one's body, an inability to form meaningful and loving relationships, anger, anxiety, depression. 

These unresolved “issues in our tissues” can manifest physically as migraines, nervous tics, muscular tension, a sunken chest, or a heavy heart and may also take a heavier toll as panic attacks, heart disease, diabetes, ADHD, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, PTSD, autoimmune disorders and a range of health challenges.

These courses are designed to take you from the origins of yoga philosophy and into the realm of your subtle body, or chakra system, where subconscious patterns are stored. It offers a time-tested toolkit of ayurvedic knowledge to balance your constitution, lifestyle practices that sync you with the rhythms of nature, advanced psychological wisdom, and integrative practices to heal yourself at the root level. And if you want to teach the awareness you gain to others... that is icing on the cake.

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